Stretch Ceiling Prices

Stretch Ceilings vs Other Ceiling Options

Days to install Weight (Per Sqm) Extra costs* Lifetime (Years) Maintenance Recyclability
Stretch Ceiling 1 0.24 kg No Extra Costs 10 - 15 Minimal 100% Recyclable
Plasterboard 4 8.3 kg ££££ 5 Repaint every 4 years Non-Recyclable
Plastered 4 15 - 30 kg £££ 5 Repaint every 4 years Non-Recyclable
Suspended Panels 2 2.5 - 8 kg ££ 5 Repaint every 5 years Non-Recyclable
Knauf Aquapanels 2 11 kg ££ 5 - 10 Clean every 4 years Non-Recyclable

Factors Effecting Your Stretch Ceiling Price

Stretch ceiling prices vary from £50 to £200 per square metre. Your price will differ depending on a number of factors.

Fabric Choice

There are a range of finishes available for your stretch ceiling canvas; matt, satin, gloss, super-mirrored, translucent. Then there’s a virtually unlimited range of colours not to mention the option to print your favourite image or pattern on your ceiling. A simple matt white ceiling will cost significantly less than a printed ceiling.

Walls and Corners

A straightforward room with four walls and four corners will be easier in terms of the manufacture and installation of a stretch ceiling canvas. So the cost is likely to increase based on irregularity of the room shape and the number of corners involved in the project.

stretch ceiling examples uk
stretch ceiling prices uk

Levels and Shapes

One of the unique benefits of stretch ceilings is due to its elasticity you can create different levels and shapes. This can create a very dramatic look to your ceiling but it will be more expensive as your ceiling will take more time to design, manufacture and install.

Additional Elements

Stretch ceilings can be adapted to work with additional elements in your ceiling areas such as pipes, lights, fans and smoke alarms. But it will require extra materials and adaption to the design and canvas. Typically prices will increase linearly with the number of elements involved.


Easy Ceiling’s stretch ceiling factory is based in Hailsham, East Sussex. This means we don’t have to travel far for projects in London and South East. We happily install stretch ceilings all over the UK but if your site is a long way from our factory we may need to add expenses for travel and accommodation.

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